There are two competing sides of my work, two complementary 

aspects of my being. Each is physically and mentally demanding in different ways. Both modes are meditations: I strive to relinquish my concious mind, and conceptualize, visualize, and gain insight into the "grand questions' of life, through the discipline and catharsis of creation.

In one body of work, I paint thousands of miniscule dots, slowly and meticulously, on paintings and carefully chosen found objects. These include luxury items like a hermes scarf box, or destructive symbols of modern life, such as hand grenade and on AK-47. The dots create movement, patterns, shapes, even recognizable forms, causing the viewer to view the object in a new way, and perhaps to re-examine its original purpose. This technique is in direct contrast to my larger scale action paintings; passionate, fast pieces, created in a fixed time, which bind energry and movement with the release and clearing of the mind.

The dots are a modern interpretation of Aboriginal art; echoing a tribal vocabulary that uses a symbolic visual style in lieu of written communication. The style evokes nature, a direct result of my life spent living in rural Colorado and California, and equally reflects my reaction to life in present-day New York. By applying this ancient technique to modern day objects, I bring the earthly origin of the dot into contemporary life, confronting both the mass production of consumer goods and the underlying political tensions; bridging two worlds which still coexist.

The dot is also Woman: the vessel and the giver of life; round, sacred, whole. In our unbalanced world: painting dots on female figures symbolizes coming to a peaceful solution - and the culmination of this aspect of the work. Combining the female figures with the action paintings brings together both sides of my being and my work. The dynamic tension between the two works creates a fresh synthesis; a vision of dots moving out the studio and into the urban landscape; morphing the human form as they slip from body to physical structure to the street. I imagine a starry universe of dots in the sky, bringing competing aspects of the universe together, giving life and creating equilibrium, and finally, peace.